Nov-12 Passed the CE certification
Jul-12 Named as Favorite Brand of Users in Water Treatment Industry
Jun-12 Attendance in Shanghai International AQUATECH China Exhibition
Oct-11 Office Automation Software had been successfully used in whole company.
Sep-11 Our company adopted 5S Management and achieved sound effect.
May-11 We received the patent for gear housing of high speed centrifugal blowers.
Apr-11 We received the patent for innovative sealing design for roots blowers.
Feb-11 BK blower won the praise of High Tech Products of Jiangsu Province.
Oct-10 Our company was granted with the certificate of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System by China Quality Certification Center.
Aug-10 Our company was approved by Jiangsu Science and Technology Bureau and became Pneumatic Technology Research Center of Jiangsu Province.
Jun-10 Single stage high speed centrifugal blower was tested successfully and was put on the market.
Jun-10 Our company was awarded Satisfied Brand for Water Specialists by Environment and Engineering of Department of Tsinghua University and China H2O net whose address is www.h2o-china.com.
Feb-10 Sales of multistage centrifugal blowers began.
Dec-09 BK blower ranked Products of Jiangsu Famous Brand.
Oct-09 We started to use newly constructed workshop and warehouse
Oct-08 Our company passed the certification of High Tech Enterprise of Jiangsu Province again
Sep-08 BZ blower won the award of 2008 Fourth China International Fluid Machinery Exhibition Golden Prize.
Sep-08 Our company purchased 50% equity of Tuthill and Tohin Machine Company.
Jun-08 Monthly sales in our company surpassed 20 million yuan.
Dec-07 We cooperated with Jiangsu Yiyou Machinery Company for production and sales of various pumps.
Nov-07 Total investment reached 450 million yen after Japanese Board of Directors increased registered capital by 150 million yen.
Dec-06 BK brand of our company was certificated as Jiangsu Famous Trademark by Jiangsu Administration for Industry and Commerce.
Nov-06 BZ blower won the award of 2008 Fourth China International Fluid Machinery Exhibition Golden Prize.
Oct-06 We achieved the patent of BK-DS double sump blower.
Jul-05 We established B-Tohin Hope Project Office.
Feb-05 We started to export newly developed BK-DS blower. The first set was exported to Belgium.
Jul-04 New workshops and office building came into use.
Jun-04 We finished the development of multi functional sound proof enclosure enabling noise reduction, running pressure and bearing temperature indication, excess pressure and temperature alarm and output of control information.
May-04 Our company was chosen as Advanced Foreign Invested Enterprise by Jiangsu Provincial Government Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation.
Mar-04 Our company cooperated with TUTHILL GROUP for development of high pressure and double sump blower and succeeded in testing the product.
Jan-04 Our company invested 500 thousand yuan to Jiangxi Yiang Qinghu B-Tohin Middle School.
Dec-03 Increased capital was 50 million yen, which made registered capital be 180 million yen and total investment be 250 million yen.
Oct-03 Monthly output surpassed 500 sets and monthly sales volume surpassed 10 million yuan.
Sep-03 Our company passed the certification of High Tech Enterprise of Jiangsu Province again.
Sep-03 We started batch export of large blower enclosure of high performance to Australia.
Jul-03 Our company requisitioned 50 mu or about 3.3 hectares. Our available area reached 28381 m2.
Jul-03 We completed the first developing BL750-61 multistage centrifugal blower.
Jun-03 We developed BK 10 inches three lobe roots blowers of large size successfully.
Jan-03 We started batch export of rotors and other blower parts to USA.
Dec-02 Our company passed the certification of ISO9001:2000.
Oct-02 We exported blower parts of 4 inches series roots blowers to USA.
Sep-02 BK blower of our company ranked High Tech Products of Jiangsu Province.
Aug-02 We completed the first developing BL60-61 multistage centrifugal blower.
Oct-01 Our company passed the certification of High Tech Enterprise of Jiangsu Province.
Sep-01 We finished the localized 8.9 inches series blowers.
Jul-01 HC blower ranked High Tech Products of Jiangsu Province.
Sep-00 We started mass production of BK three lobe roots blower after the first set developing product was completed and passed the quality test of TUTHILL.
Jun-00 We finished construction of Tuthill and Tohin Machine Factory.
Dec-99 Our company invested a joint venture named as Tuthill and Tohin Machine Co., Ltd. with TUTHILL Corporation/Pneumatics Group.
Nov-99 We finished development of BG series stainless screen and began mass production.
Jun-98 Our company started to make HC50S-100S castings and rough castings for Tohin Company in Japan.
Mar-98 We began to produce the localized HC251S-40S series blowers.
Aug-97 We started to make HC bases and belt covers for Tohin Company in Japan.
Apr-97 The first set of localized HC blower came out.
Jan-97 Tohin Industry Co., Ltd. became a new investor by putting 30 million yen in and the total registered capital was 130 million yen.
Aug-96 Our company started manufacturing BG stainless screen.
Jun-96 Pengyao Company transferred its share to Japanese companies, and Yixing Pengde Co., Ltd. became B-Tohin Machine (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.
Jan-96 The registered capital was increased to 100 million yen.
Mar-95 The first set of assembled HC blower and roots blower were completed and delivered to customer.
Dec-94 Sino-Japanese joint venture named as Yixing Pengde Co., Ltd. was established.
Main Products
  • HC Low Noise Rotary Blower HC low noise rotary blower possesses witty design with the largest discharge pressure of 0.05Mpa, which is mainly made up of motor, air chamber, air filter, foundation or fuel tank, blower body and oil dropping nozzle. Its technology originates from the Japanese greatest rotary blower manufacturer, TOHIN Industry Company. Since 1950, this product has been deeply popular among our users and our company has sold out more than 3 million products in Japan...
  • Multistage Centrifugal Fan Main characteristics of this multistage centrifugal fan include compact structure, attractive appearance, high stability, smooth operation, low noise, easy adjustment, convenient installation and maintenance, small internal leakage, high volumetric efficiency, oil free, special sealing, and alarm function in control of bearing temperature. By adoption of the structure of both wind cooling and water cooling for exhaust bearing block...