Test Equipment Flowchart

Blower Package Test Sketch

1. air flow
2. noise
3. discharge temperature
4. discharge pressure
5. noise
6. vibration, horizontal
7. vibration, vertical
8. vibration, axial
9. bearing temperature
10. rotary speed
11. electric voltage or current
12. noise

Slip Test Sketch

1. blower main body
2. test the speed of blower
3. U shaped gauge
4. speed regulating motor

Main Products
  • Sand Water Separator LSF type sand water separator can coordinate with grit removal machine or bridge type sand suction equipment to further separate the discharged mixing solution of sand and water. Generally it can be available in grit chamber, sewage disposal, tap water, pumping station, paper making, brewing and tanning, etc...
  • Filter Press DYQ type filter press is highly effective equipment to turn the sludge into the mud cake. It can be suitable for concentration or dehydration of residual or mixed sludge in urban sewage treatment, water supply, drainage, paper making, casting, wine making, tanning, textile manufacturing, chemicals, food and other industries...