Start-up Valve

Start-up Valve

Start up valve purely adopts mechanical structure, prominently characterized by clever design, reliable operation, simple installation, easy maintenance and so on. By canceling the bypass, electrically operated valve, actuating element and related control mechanism, its system costs can be significantly reduced and numerous troubles and breakdown can be avoided.

Main Technical Parameter
Art No. Flow Scope Pressure Scope Connection Flange
YUSV20 2~20m3/min 15~200KPa DN65 (GB9119.7-88)
YUSV25 20~200m3/min 15~200KPa DN150 (GB9119.7-88)
YUSV30 150~400m3/min 15~200KPa DN250 (GB9119.7-88)

Working Principles
Start up valve is primarily available in roots blower, screw blower or other compressed air pipeline system. Once the blower operates, the gas will be transported by our product to the outer space, and then the blower will start up with micro load. At the same time, due to the differential pressure between the gas in the pipeline and the outer atmosphere, the valve will gradually close to make the delivered gas flow into the normally working pipeline. Thus, our product realizes the micro load start of blower or other equipment provided by compressed air, and it also avoids the damage to the main body of the equipment, the device driver and the transmission mechanism.

Equipment Instructions
Our start up valve can meet the needs of distinct air volumes of the blower by changing the size of belt pulley. The tensile force generated by belt finally affects the blower body, which may significantly improve the force conditions of the blower bearings and also make the entire operation more secure and reliable.

We usually utilize the belts or couplings for blower and motor connecting transmission. Ordinary belts will make the drive sprocket axle of the blower undertake large influence from radial force, which does harm to the long term running and then affects the blower service life. Meanwhile, the couplings can not meet various requirements of different working conditions, because the revolving speed of blower can not be adjusted except the variable frequency motor.

We are a professional start-up valve manufacturer and supplier in China. We also provide drum type spiral screen, filter press, low noise rotary blower, multistage centrifugal fan and more.

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