Sound Insulation Blower Enclosure

Sound Insulation Blower Enclosure

Sound insulation blower enclosure, as a high tech product, possesses the ability of significantly reducing the blower noise by 20 to 25 decibel. In addition, it owns the function of displaying the operating pressure and the bearing temperature, the alarm function after over pressure or over temperature, as well as the output control function.

This sound insulation blower enclosure adopts steel plate, which is filled with noise absorbing material and makes great sound insulation effect. There are four doors altogether in this sound proof housing. All these doors can all be opened, convenient for daily maintenance. Furthermore, the sound proof housing is composed of four layers, including 2mm steel plate, two types of 40mm rock wool with different densities and 1mm galvanized perforated plate.

Test report about noise insulation effect

Blower testing is Bk6008.
Revolving speed of blower is 1800rpm.
Motor power is 30kw.

B-TOHIN is an experienced sound insulation blower enclosure manufacturer based in China. Our products include roots blower, vertical centrifugal pump, industrial submersible pump, low noise rotary blower, and much more.

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