Sand Water Separator

Sand Water Separator

LSF type sand water separator can coordinate with grit removal machine or bridge type sand suction equipment to further separate the discharged mixing solution of sand and water. Generally it can be available in grit chamber, sewage disposal, tap water, pumping station, paper making, brewing and tanning, etc.

The sand water separator adopts fully enclosed type operation, providing great environmental condition. Because the frame is fixed by expansion bolt, there is no need to prepare the embedded parts. Owing to the parallel shaft type helical gear reducer for device driver, this product can offer compact structure and safe and stable operation. In addition, its prominent characteristics include strong abrasive resistance, long lifespan and easy replacement by adoption of lined U shaped groove. After the granular separation with the particle size of more than 0.2m, its recovery rate can reach up to 96 percent.

Main Technical Parameter
Model Data LS-200 LS-250 LS-300 LS-350
Screw Diameter D(mm) 200 250 300 350
Spiral diameter ¢(mm) 185 235 285 320
Capacity Q(L/s) 5~12 12~20 20~27 27~35
Install angle α(°) 25
Rotate speed n(r/min) 4.8
Motor power N(kW) 0.37 0.55 0.75
Recovery(Particle diameter ≥0.2mm) ≥96
Moisture content (%) ﹤65
Meaning of Model

B-TOHIN is an experienced sand water separator manufacturer in China. We provide various types of products such as automatic coagulator, drum type spiral screen, low noise rotary blower, and multistage centrifugal fan.

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