Shaftless Spiral Conveyor

Shaftless Spiral Conveyor

LS-W type shaftless spiral conveyor is mainly equipped with the bar screen, water extractor or other equipment for use to deliver the grid residue or the dehydrated sludge. It is usually applicable in sewage treatment plants, waste water preparation units of housing estates, municipal pumping stations, tap water plants, leather and paper making, brewing and so on.

By utilizing lined U shaped groove, our shaftless spiral conveyor possesses strong wear resistance, long service life and simple to change. Furthermore, it features low noise, convenient maintenance and no blockage in use of great channel transportation. Thanks to the shaft mounted helical gear type reducer for device driver, this product can own compact structure and reliable operation. The conveying direction depends on the spiral direction of the helical blade and the rotation direction of the motor, which can realize the bidirectional transportation.

Detailed Specifications
Model LS-200W LS-250W LS-300W LS-350W LS-400W
Screw Diameter D (mm) 200 250 300 350 400
Spiral diameter ¢(mm ) 185 235 285 320 385
Capacity Q (m3/min) Install angle α ( ° ) 0 1.50 3.60 6.00 8.40 11.70
5 1.35 3.24 5.40 7.56 10.53
15 1.05 2.52 4.20 5.88 8.19
25 0.90 2.16 3.60 5.04 7.02
Rotate speed n(r/min) 12~16
Motor power N (kW ) 0.75~5.5, according to the L and α
Meaning of Model

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