Vertical Centrifugal Pump

YYG series vertical centrifugal pump is single stage and single suction type new product, strictly produced in compliance with ISO2858 international standard. Our product can be widely applicable to water supply and drainage in industries and cities, pressurized water supply in tall buildings, garden irrigation, pressure boost for fire protection, remote water, heating, water circulation in bathroom, ancillary equipment and so on.

(See the attachment for the model and relevant parameter)
Vertical Centrifugal Pump

Main Technical Parameters
Flow 1.5-2400m3/hr
Head 8m-150m
Conditions of Use
Maximum working pressure ≤1.6MPa
Ambient temperature ≤40℃
Relative humidity ≤95%
Media temperature ≤80℃
Media volume ≤0.1% of the unit volume
Media granularity <0.2mm
Minimum liquid level for operation You had better consult the related description about motor cooling system in installation diagram.
Rated voltage 380V
Rated frequency 50Hz
Deviation of both rated voltage and rated frequency for normal operation ≤±5%
Maximum diameter of solid particles It must be no more than 50 percent of the pump outlet diameter.

1. When the inlet pressure is over 0.4MPa or the pump working pressure is above 1.6MPa, you should propose it when placing the order, so that we can adopt cast steel materials for the wet parts of pump.

2. Media of clean water pump must be non corrosive liquid with the media temperature of no more than 80℃. Besides, the media solid should be insoluble with its volume of no more than 0.1 percent of the unit volume and the granularity of less than 0.2mm. If the media contains fine granules, you had better tell us when placing the order.

1. This vertical centrifugal pump is prominently characterized by stable quality, reliable performance, attractive appearance, small volume, compact structure, smooth operation and long lifespan.

2. For convenient installation, this product can be directly mounted on any part of the pipeline due to the same apertures of inlet and outlet. Covered with rain proof caps, the motor can be used outside. Besides, equipped with mounting feet, the pump can be installed stably.

3. We utilize low noise type bearing for the motor. Also, the continuous oil supply device is available in our product. The pump impeller can improve the working environment with no vibration and excellent static and dynamic balance.

4. By adoption of corrosion resistant hard alloy type mechanical seal, our vertical centrifugal pump effectively solves the severe problem of packing seal leakage of centrifugal pump, which can also extend its service life and ensure the clean operation site.

5. Furthermore, there is no need to dismantle the pipeline. What you should do is only to dismount the pump cover nut and take out the motor and transmission components, which is really convenient for maintenance.

6. In accordance with the conditions of use on site, this vertical centrifugal pump can be divided into vertical type, horizontal type and multimode type for installation. In addition, we can make use of both series and parallel methods to increase the required flow and head.

Explanation of Model

Structure Chart of YYG Type Pump
1. Pump body
2. Impeller
3. Mechanical seal
4. Motor
5. Pump shaft
6. Corrosion proof end plate

Dimensional Drawing of YYG Type Pump

YYG Type Pump Accessory and Installation Basic Chart
Connection board

Basic figure for flexible joint
Drill swelling screw orifice

Basic figure for rigid joint
Pre-reserved screw orifice

Installation dimensions for JG type vibration isolator

Installation Method of YYG Type Pump
1. Rigid joint
Direct installation

1. Inlet valve
2. Pressure packing straight tube
3. Bent tube
4. Cement pouring basement
5. Outlet valve
6. Pump
7. Connection board

2. Soft joint
Installation of both connection board and vibration isolator

1. Flexible joint
2. Connection board
3. IP54 motor for outdoor usage
What you should note is that the vibration isolator is fixed on the base by the help of expansion screws.

Mounting of both connection board and vibration insulating pad

JG vibration isolator
SD vibration insulating pads
Partial usage projects

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