Municipal Submersible Pump

YU series municipal submersible pump possesses the remarkable characteristics like high efficiency, low noise, high reliability, compact structure, small volume, light weight, environmental protection as well as convenient installation and maintenance. Our product adopts CFD technical design as well as unique mechanical seal way and bearing arrangement, mainly used for discharging domestic water, waste water and sewage. Besides, its flow ranges from 3 to 45m3/hr and its head varies from 2m to 15m.

Parameter Table
Curve part Discharge bore Model Motor Power Phase Speed r/min Standard cable length Figure dimension H×L mm Weight (kg)
1 40 40YU2.25 0.25 Three phases 3000 6 368×216 12
2 50 50YU2.4 0.4 388×228 12
3 50 50YU2.75 0.75 388×228 14
4 80 80YU21.5 1.5 388×228 14
Specifications of Cable
Strip/Set Core × Cross sectional area Diameter Cable Type
1 4×0.75 8.5 245IEC66 (YCW)

Structure Explanation

1. Vortex type impeller of our municipal submersible pump is made of special resin. By adoption of excellent hydraulic design, it not only provides high strength and high efficiency, but also effectively improves the anti blocking of water pump.

2. Single end face type mechanical seal is composed of dual silicon carbide. It serves to separate the motor from the pump seal in order to provide double protection. Located in the oil chamber, this seal is entirely isolated with waste water, which can not only effectively ensure its cooling and lubrication, but also prolong its service life.

3. Three phase asynchronous motor, as an important part of this municipal submersible pump, can offer the motor protection against overheating in use of a thermal device imbedded in the motor windings. As F class insulator, this motor possesses the maximum operating temperature of 155℃ and the protection degree of IP68.

4. The shaft of our product is composed of 2Crl 13 type stainless steel. Pump and motor share a common shaft and the shaft end is equipped with sealing device, so the shaft can be isolated with the media in prevention of corrosion.

5. Cable seal of our municipal submersible pump is adopted sewage resistant heavy type rubber coating flexible cable. This type cable features high mechanical strength and excellent oil resistance. Besides, we utilize special cable sheath and sealing ring to realize the reliable seal between the cable and the chamber. Also, it serves to fix the cable in prevention of being pulled off.

6. The bearing belongs to famous brand deep groove ball type, possessing adequate load margin.

7. Oil chamber contains lubricating oil. The oil can not only serve to lubricate and cool the mechanical seal, but also prevent liquid from spilling over into the motor. Besides, there is a reasonable amount of air left inside the chamber so that the accumulative rise of pressure can be reduced.

Service Conditions
Medium temperature ≤40℃
Medium density ≤1200kg/m3
PH value 5-9
Minimum liquid level for operation You might as well consult the pump instruction manual and the specific requirement of installation drawing.
Rated voltage 380V
Rated frequency 50Hz
Maximum diameter of solid particle It is no more than 50 percent of the pump outlet diameter.
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