Single Stage High Speed Centrifugal Fan

Single stage high speed centrifugal fan is especially designed for aeration in sewage treatment projects. At the same time, it can be suited for discharging the media, such as air, nitrogen, nitrogen dioxide and other non corrosive gas.

1. Single stage high speed centrifugal fan mainly features wide serviceability, small floor space, compact structure as well as simple installation and convenient operation. Thanks to its outstanding energy saving effect, our product can work even under the off design conditions by adjusting its inlet vane and adopting flat unit efficiency curve.

2. Due to the superior aerodynamic performance, this machine can operate with the flow rate from 30 to 300m3/min and the pressure range from 0 to 0.07MPa. By adoption of three dimensional, semi open and mixed flow type impeller, the air flow can gently carry out oblique flow, which may be difficult to generate eddy current with small flow loss.

(See the attachment for the model and relevant parameter)

As a specialized single stage high speed centrifugal fan manufacturer and supplier in China, B-TOHIN also provides multistage centrifugal fan, low noise rotary blower, mechanical screen, and municipal submersible pump, among others.

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