Three Lobe Roots Blower

Three Lobe Roots Blower

BZ series
BZ three lobe roots blower is a self developed product by our company, featuring compact structure, superior quality, high precision, long service life, small air leakage, low temperature and large reduction of energy consumption by 15 to 20 percent. Due to the ductile cast iron impeller, our product can provide excellent toughness and great resistance to wear and shock. Especially we design the unique device for those high revolving and high loading blower so as to effectively reduce the radial load of the drive end bearing and increase the bearing lifespan.

The three lobe roots blower is generally used for wastewater treatment, dust removal and desulphurization in power stations, running water, ore, metallurgy, concrete, grains, and other powder or granular delivery, with its largest differential pressure of 0.1MPa.

(See the attachment for the model and relevant parameter)

B-TOHIN is a specialized three lobe roots blower manufacturer based in China. Our company also provides single stage high speed centrifugal fan, low noise rotary blower, filter press, horizontal centrifugal pump, and much more.

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